Maintenance Fee / Assessment Collection
We realize how important it is for Homeowner Associations to be able to efficiently and effectively collect delinquent assessments. We are committed to these goals by promptly returning phone calls from homeowners, clients, and other attorneys, and responding to e-mails in a timely manner. We aggressively pursue the collection of the past due amounts and attorney’s fees from the individual homeowners.


Our law firm is skilled in state and federal statutes governing debt collectors and protecting the rights of debtors. Our collection procedures include notices and contacts with the delinquent owner that attempt to collect the debt without the necessity of foreclosure.


Corporate Counsel – Contracts
Our firm counsels Homeowner Association clients on many kind of corporate issues. We advise on the rights and responsibilities of the client under the governing documents and applicable statutes in matters involving property owners within the development, adjacent landowners, or governmental entities. We provide contract negotiations, drafting and review for our clients.


Creating and Amending Governing Documents
We have experience in drafting and amending documents for the following: Restrictive Covenants (Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions), and Amendments, an Annexation or Supplemental Declaration for a new section added to the development, the Certificate of Formation and Bylaws of the Homeowner Associations, Architectural Guidelines, Builder Guidelines and Rules and Regulations. Management certificates, deeds conveying common areas, easements, dedication instruments, joint participation agreements, reservation agreements, and purchase and sale agreements are available.


Deed Restriction Enforcement
Enforcement of restrictions applicable to a subdivision is crucial to preserving the character of the subdivision and maintaining property values where zoning laws are absent. We have experience in deed restriction enforcement and litigation in all types of courts, and we handle these issues in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.


Formation of Associations
Our capabilities include assisting new Homeowner’s Associations to organize. We assist with writing the Bylaws, architectural guidelines, deeds for common areas, and other documents necessary to protect the character of the area or subdivision.

Advantages of Using Our Services

Boerne Homeowner Associations (HOA) Attorney Lawyer

Financially Beneficial

When we collect assessments we are:

  • Persistent
  • Aggressive
  • Passionate
  • Outcome driven


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Keeping You Informed


Online Tracking System


We offer a 24/7 online tracking system which allows the managers to login and have up to the minute access to each account so that they can track each file as it goes through the collection process in our offices. In addition to tracking a particular case, the managers can also print a status report whenever they need it. Therefore, they have instant and ongoing information to provide to the Board of Directors regarding the status of each file.